PWS offers a new generation of weather products that save lives, time, energy and money for individuals, enterprises and organizations.


Precision Weather Stations & Soil Micro-Stations/Sensors

Professional Station Installation & Maintenance Program

Technical Support & Customer Service

Meteorological Advisory Services

Precision Weather Stations & Sensors

Real-time, site-specific, location-based observations updated every 10 minutes

Solar-powered & cellular

Installed anywhere worldwide with cellular connectivity

Annual Service & Maintenance Plan

PWS proprietary & professional installation with unlimited customer service & tech support

PWS Professional Installation

Trained technicians who professionally install weather stations & sensors

Unlimited customer service & tech support

Annual maintenance preserves the lifetime of the station, network assets & ensures high-quality data

Stations deployed meet & exceed WMO guidelines based on PWS proprietary protocols

Customer Service & Technical Support
Monday - Friday | 9AM – 5PM CT